Helping You Protect Tomorrow

When you need an attorney, it is important to have on your side someone who understands not only the law, but also understands people in this community. An experienced lawyer knows that there is no average, ordinary client; everyone has unique circumstances that require care and attention to detail.

Michael S. Hardy, Attorney at Law, has been helping residents of North Santa Barbara County and people across the entire Central Coast with estate planning. We can also get you through the probate process and help you administer a trust.

Our respected California law firm spans over 40 years, providing sound legal advice and guidance to members of the "Greatest Generation" as well as to young couples who want to protect their children and their assets.

Helping You With A Wide Variety Of Legal Issues

You have worked hard to buy your house or build your business. You want to make sure that the assets generated by your hard work are preserved and passed on. With a comprehensive estate plan that takes into account your priorities and needs, you can make sure that your assets are appropriately protected and managed, and ultimately divided and distributed as you see fit.

By making use of legal tools such as wills and trusts, you protect your wealth, and in turn, your beneficiaries. In the event you are incapacitated, legal tools such as financial and medical a power of attorneys can help ensure that you are taken care of according to your stated desires.

And if you have had a loved one pass on, our attorneys can guide you through the legal processes and paperwork of probate and trust administration. We also help clients facing elder law issues and those who need to make viable Medi-Cal Managed Health Care Plans.