Going Through Probate And Trust Administration

It is never easy having a loved one pass away. The hardship you face can be compounded when dealing with the probate process or you must take on administration of a trust.

An experienced attorney helps bring calm and order to the daunting tasks of probate and trust administration. At the Santa Maria law firm of Michael S. Hardy, Attorney at Law, we help the residents of North Santa Barbara County, San Luis Obispo County and across California’s Central Coast.

We Help You Get Through The Probate Process

We simplify the complications of probate so that you can meet your obligations to the court and to your loved ones. This public, court-supervised process requires you to inventory property, pay off debts, sell real property and much more.

Our experienced estate administration attorneys help you take care of these duties as well as help you settle tax claims, resolve issues with estate taxes, distribute assets and close the estate. Our firm also helps clients take care of disputes between beneficiaries.

Whether your loved one left a will or did not, we will walk you through the probate process and paperwork, so that deadlines are met, tasks are completed and obligations are fulfilled.

Many people who have been through probate work with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney to ensure that their children or grandchildren can avoid the process. Complications can be avoided with trusts, gifting, and other estate planning strategies and tools.

Trusted Help With Trust Administration

An experienced trust administration lawyer helps you with a wide range of trustee responsibilities and concerns. For more than 40 years, our firm has helped clients resolve issues that include trust accounting matters, investments, distribution of assets and more.

We also have extensive experience helping successor trustees who have an incapacitated parent. We can help you resolve asset and real property issues so that their care is paid for.

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