Business Law

Michael S. Hardy, Attorney at Law, bring depth and breadth of experience to the table as advocates of business owners and managers on the Cental Coast. Whatever your business law concern, you have the right to expect attentive service from all staff and attorney Michael S. Hardy. From returning phone calls in a timely manner to keeping you up to date with the progress of your case, we keep in mind the value of your time and the importance of your business’s bottom line at all times.

In the world of business law, our attorneys understand perfectly well that the bottom line has to tell the story of what went right and what went wrong. By its very nature, a business exists to create and protect value. A business client needs to know that the return on investment in legal services will keep the business in the black and help the business grow over time. To this end, our lawyers take great care to keep our business clients informed and involved in making decisions that are right for them and in their businesses’ best interests.

Whether we are handling administrative matters such as setting up corporations or addressing disputes by responding to breach of contract claims on behalf of our clients, our goal at every juncture is to preserve and increase dollar value as a fundamental aspect of our advocacy.

Our attorneys advise and represent business clients in a wide spectrum of areas and concerns, including the following:

  • Business startups
  • Business entities: corporations such as S-corporations, LLPs and LLCs
  • Business purchase and sale agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Partnership dispute resolution
  • Partnership dissolution agreements
  • Drafting and review of contracts
  • Breach of contract disputes: Our clients may be plaintiffs or defendants.
  • Business-to-business transactions and disputes
  • Commercial Leases
  • Construction deals

Businesses that are not large enough to have their own in-house counsel assign Michael S. Hardy the role that an in-house lawyer would fill. We welcome the opportunity to act as partners of our clients. This means we get to know a business inside and out and help clients make decisions in their cases that we would make if our law firm actually were part of their business.

Call us at 805-357-9578 or contact us online to begin the processes of protecting you and protecting your business.